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Relevenat Courses 

MAR3391 - Professional Selling

  • Teaches the basics of a sale pitch 

  • Multiple role-plays practicing the sales pitches 

  • Learning the different types of people and how to interact with them 

  • Teaches you how to prepare for a sales pitch 

  • You learn how to ethical sell something

FIN3403- Business Finance

  • Teaches the financial basics 

  • Covers interest rates and the time value

  • Knowledge of the relationship between risk and return

  •  Understanding of financial statements and how it relates to a business 

  • The different types of leverage and how it effects financial statements 

MAR 3023- Principles of Marketing 

  • ​The basics of marketing and the role it plays 

  • Pricing basic and strategies that fit within a marketing plan 

  • The understanding of a marketing plans and then steps to make one 

  • Different types of marketing strategies 

  • How to communicta e a message to customers 

BUL3130 - Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

  • Basic understand of business law 

  • Knowledge on different types of business entities 

  • A comprehensive understanding of common law 

  • Law ethics and how they play a role in how a business is run 

  • Understanding of intellectual property 

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